When will Electric Cars be Affordable

When will Electric Cars be Affordable

We have all been excited at the arrival of electric cars. The older ones among us have waited to see this day. Most would have hoped to be among the first to own these majestic vehicles. When the day arrived some were left with the same questions that we are tackling today, When will Electric Cars be Affordable?

The car is one of man’s greatest inventions. As with many inventions, it was also born out of necessity, the need to make transportation easy and effortless. Ever since the first automobile was invented, people have been trying to make the car better with each year. The various developments made to it have seen the car greatly evolve and become a much sought after commodity. 

The ease and convenience it brings about are non-paralleled.  People began to realize how much more they could get done with an automobile. It also allowed for greater distances to be traveled. The same innovation that had been used on animal-drawn carts now had an engine. Motorising transportation revolutionized how people went about life. Pinpointing and accrediting one person with the invention of the car is difficult, however, one thing can be said for certain, it has changed the way people move around. 

Over the years, the car has taken on different forms. It is more than a mode of transport, it is also a status symbol, a means of identifying hierarchy in the urban food chain. They have come to be a sign of wealth and opulence, whilst for some, they are an heirloom. To others, they are merely a way of getting from one place to another. 

Car manufacturers have continued to refine the process of car making. The engines that power them are also a major part of the status of a car. The companies that make them go out and beyond to make it a point that their brand and model is so much more different. They do this by using various accessories, engine power and design amongst other things. One car brand may stand out above the other because of some of these factors. 

Traditional petrol and diesel engines have been used to make cars for the longest time. However this is not the most eco-friendly way, and as such, many alternatives are being found to leave less of a carbon footprint. Global warming is a reality that can only be changed by people changing their daily habits. Conscious decisions such as choosing the type of energy that fuels your car can make a world of difference. 

These global concerns of climate change, have led to car manufacturers looking for ways to go greener and find alternative energy sources such as electric cars. These use power stored in rechargeable batteries. Thes, in turn, propels the engines in the car. As much as this may seem like a very modern concept, the first electric car first surfaced in the 1800s. They later gained popularity in the 19th and 20th century but then manufacturers started making cars that were cheaper to run, and as such the electric vehicle became a white elephant. 

However, more research and further technological advancements have continued to be the order of the day, in a bid to reduce greenhouse emissions. As the cities and towns get more and more populated, so do the emissions from our cars.

The need to find ways to clean the air has grown exponentially. One of the ways of reducing the emissions from our cars would be to begin to use electric cars again. Electric cars are known to be smooth, quiet and have amazing power. The issue with that is that from experience, the price has not always been in the reach of many. As such the general population would stick to petrol and diesel engines. 

Companies like Tessla, have taken it upon themselves, to ensure that they make electric vehicles that are also sustainable. Tesla has been finding ways to make sustainable energy. But they are not the only ones making electric vehicles, EV’s, nowadays. BMW, Hyundai, Nissan, Audi, Renault, are all examples of car manufacturers that have also put their name in the running for best electrical cars.

The 2020 Hyundai Kona electric, sells for just under 30 000pounds. The size of the battery pack determines the range of the vehicle. For instance, the Hyundai Kona long-range battery pack is a 64kwh pack and gives a 300mile range. At this price, this is a very affordable electric car. Also considering that other electric SUVs in its range would be at least double the price. 

The tesla model 3, is one of the top electric vehicles for 2020. This car is now on high demand because of all it can do and also it is moderate pricing. It is a considerably affordable car that can be made to suit the luxury lifestyle with a fraction of the budget. It comes in the single motor and the dual motor-powered versions, for now.

Tesla may be working on more versions of this car. The budget for this car is around $39 000, which is slightly less than you would pay for a car in the same range such as the BMW 330i. Several features come standard in the tesla that you will not find in the BMW330i, that you would have to pay for. This drives the price even further up. 

Affordability is a relative term. What you can afford depends on your budget. Taking a look at cars in the same range reveals that electric vehicles are already affordable. They are priced cheaper than the brand new non-electric versions in their range. If you are looking to buy a used car then there will be a huge discrepancy, but as it stands, electric cars are now much more affordable to the general public than they were when they first came onto the scene several years ago. 

Car manufacturing companies are making sure that they are sustainable to encourage the world to use more electric cars and go greener. If they are too expensive and out of the reach of many, then it defeats the purpose of making a car many can not afford. If you were already in the market for a new car, you can now choose to buy an electric car knowing that you are doing your part in keeping the planet safe and you are also doing it a fraction of the total cost.

Some countries such as the UK provide tax credit, or more accurately a low emission incentive for those that decide to ditch our old cars to these ones.

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