8 Reasons Why You Should Buy Organic Fair Trade Food

8 Reasons Why You Should Buy Organic Fair Trade Food

Are you looking for reasons why you should buy organic fair trade food? If you are someone who cares about the impact your actions have on the world then this is something that you will want to consider and have a deeper look into. Being a responsible citizen of the earth means caring for all that makes up the world we live in. 

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Our life as we know it is a culmination of different facets. We seek to breathe, eat and ultimately to exist. To do this, various parts of society have to pull together. Simple and seemingly easy tasks and services we take for granted, all come from somewhere and are as a result of a group of people, a sector, an industry coming together and making it work. 

Take for example your breakfast. The eggs that you put on your plate, are meant to give your family the great energetic start they need to their day. It may seem like it was as simple as reaching out for an egg from the tray and cooking it in whatever way you prefer it. However, it is the culmination of farmers, store buyers, supermarket tellers, and shelf packers, just to mention a few. 

There are a lot of hands that go into bringing your favorite eggs from the chicken that lays them to your breakfast table. With the number of people and processes involved, there is a lot of exploitation that can happen along the line. If you have a watchful eye on what you consume and if you care about where it comes from and what it takes to get it to your table, then you will want to explore the concept of free trade food. 

Buying organic food is another conscious choice that a lot of people are taking up nowadays. The reason for this being that there are a lot of genetically modified products on the market today. They may look “perfect” but is made in a laboratory that removes some vital elements that nature has placed in natural and organic food. There is no comparison when it comes to the health benefits of organic over genetically modified. 

The world we live in today has placed a lot of pressure on us to live in a certain way. Fewer people can grow what they eat which means organic food is no longer the norm. Hence it has become a choice you need to make consciously when you walk into a store, to pick up organic food. You may find that it is priced differently or labeled differently. Take time to understand and to read the labels on your food. This will help you make an informed purchasing decision. 

Organic food refers to food that is grown naturally and has no man-made additives or fertilizers to help stimulate its growth in any way. Laws have been put in place to ensure that livestock and plants are not enhanced in any way using pesticides or fertilizers or any manmade products to make them grow or appear in a certain way. These laws are made to monitor that the growth is natural. When you see food that is labeled organic, it means it has had no additives. 

Fairtrade and organic food, are two concepts that often overlap in conversation and sometimes used interchangeably. They are not the same thing however they have common values and hence the confusion that sometimes occurs.  

Fairtrade takes care of the farmer who grows your food. These are the laws and stipulations that have been put in place to make sure that the farmers receive fair pricing as they trade their organic crops. This also allows for a non-compromised production line. If the farmers receive fair trade deals, they will have more motivation to continue to produce truly organic food. 

Their business needs to be sustainable for it to remain untainted. Fairtrade products give the growers a better price and also better conditions. There are specific certifications that have to happen to make sure that it is authentic at all times. Social sustainability is key in keeping the authenticity of the food you get on your table. 

You may be wondering how what you do, can help improve the lives of coffee farmers in Brazil, Vietnam or Ethiopia. Choosing to buy free-trade coffee, means that you are paying a fair price that covers the costs of everyone involved in bringing you the coffee. Free trade products pricing, cascades down to improve even the livelihoods of those picking the coffee beans. This is just one example of how your conscious action can have an impact on the lives of people you ordinarily would have no interaction with. 

In this article, we take a look at the 8 reasons why you should consider buying organic fair free trade food. If you have never thought about it before, perhaps now is the time to do this. Remember that the daily decisions we make, have far wider-reaching impacts than what is immediately visible to us. 

Products are Healthier

One of the main reasons why you should be considering buying organic free fair trade food is that these products are healthier. No extra additives go into stimulating the growth of organic foods. This means that they are all-natural with no pesticides or fertilizers being used in the production of these products. Organic foods have a minimal impact on the environment, they are existing in the ecosystem that nature has intended and so there is no harm on it as in the case of using manmade chemicals. 

Organic food is healthier and will do your body a world of wonders. This has been proven by several research papers written over the years. There are relatively more vitamins and rumors in organic vegetables and fruits than in those with the help of man-made chemicals to help stimulate growth. You will also find that organic food is healthier in that it has no preservatives and hence it is fresher. You can decide to buy organic food because it is healthier. 

Climate friendly 

Climate change is one of the greatest threats that our generation faces today. what most of us may not realise is the fact that I will actions as consumers have an implication on the direction of climate change. While most people may argue that small changes outside of legislation do not make as much of a difference.

It is important that we realise that the small changes form tiny ripples that make a massive difference. Having said that, fair trade food is produced in ways that are friendly to the climate. deliberate measures are put in place to ensure that by producing this food we are not negatively impacting our climate. Fairtrade helps us remain climate friendly in our purchases. 

Better conditions for animals

A lot of my friends are vegans. part of their fight is to create a world where are our sensory pleasure does not Trump the life of animals. that is an argument for another article. in this case, we want to make it clear that animals that are raised within fair trade conditions are provided with better living conditions than those that are raised in bulk farming conditions. most commercial animal farmers place more significance on volume and production more than on the life of their products. Fairtrade standards require that animals are raised in adequate conditions.

Makes free trade work for the world’s poor

Larger companies invariably have more bargaining power when it comes to how much they pay for for the food that we end up buying from them. in which case you’ll often find that poorer Nations generally get paid much less for their products than wealthier ones full stop the large of the company that buys from these consumers in most cases the less they are going to pay for this food. this obviously means that the poor people end up being underpaid for the food that they produce for us. why should we care? 

Well, for starters how many farmers from poor nations such as India end up being pushed to a point of taking their own lives because of crippling debt full stop working with big firms means that they may have to sell at a lower price because these big firms are able to buy in volume which give desperate farmers a lump sum. It may be a lot, but it’s not what the products are worth. working with fairtrade ensure that free trade remains open for the poor Nations to receive what is due to them. Fairtrade sets a minimum price for the food that we purchase.

Benefits the fair trade communities

Communities that work with fairtrade often receive some rebates from the subscriptions that participants pay. This money is then used to aid the communities in all sorts of ways. So by buying fair trade food, you are giving back directly to the communities from which the food is coming from. you’re not only benefiting large corporations which deliver the food to you but you are also so giving back directly to the people who have produced the food that you are eating.

Benefits the Environment

most subsistence farmers are pressured to the point where they need to produce a certain amount of food just to get by. when you add the need for money to this equation it becomes even more difficult as they would need to push the land to its limit in order to produce enough not only for their families but too to sell. this all the pressure has a negative impact on on the environment.

If farmers have less wiggle room with their own land they undoubtedly have less of a need or duty of care for the environment that their actions or lack thereof could be negatively impacting. Fairtrade farms are held to a high standard when it comes to their impact on the environment. When you’re buying from a fairtrade farm or producer, you are assured that the environment is cared for.

Upholds Workers’ Rights

In the poorest of countries in the world workers rights are at times even on heard off. as such the people who are putting food on your tables work ungodly hours for peanuts. there is really a direct implication of this action to you you and I. It is easy to turn a blind eye to things that we cannot see happening. this is why it’s important to work with all purchase fair trade food. fair trade certified farms are required to uphold the workers’ rights. this means that workers are are paid good rates for their work. they are also allowed basic human rights that they would have otherwise not been allowed.

Comes directly from the farmers

this is perhaps the most important one the reason why fair trade food benefit Communities directly is the fact that it largely cut out the middleman. this is to say that the food that you purchase comes directly from the farming communities. that also means that most of the money that you’re paying for the food is going back directly into those communities without benefiting large companies. 

we hope you have found some incredible reasons compel you to make us off fair trade food wherever possible. if you have other reasons that you know for purchasing fair trade food we would love to hear them in the comments section below 

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