How to Wash a Vera Bradley Purse

How to Wash a Vera Bradley Purse

Are you looking for an accent piece that does more than just look pretty? Vera Bradley makes women’s bags that give your style a pop of color and have great functionality too. Fashion statements can tend to stray away from functional pieces. Sometimes the two worlds don’t seem to meet. If a bag is cute it is not functional and vice versa. 

Vera Bradley Purse

The designers at Vera Bradley have come up with designs that incorporate both aspects. As we go through life, our fashion needs and preferences change. Vera Bradley makes purses for all age groups and in different designs. The signature floral and fun designs make them a must-have for women and girls of all ages. They add that bit of whimsical that you need. 

Why do I need to clean my bag?

Seeing that they come in various designs and for different age groups, this also comes with exposure to different types of stains. A young woman in college may get ink stains from a faulty pen in the bottom of the bag, whilst a mum of twin toddlers may have to deal with juice stains and different stains that come with the joy of motherhood, on her vera Bradley diaper bag. 

A day at the park may see you looking for ways to get grass stains off the fabric. Using a bag regularly means that it will get dirty from time to time. However you may get your bag dirty, or perhaps it is just a routine cleaning of the bag, you need to know how best to clean your bag. You have to clean the bag so that you can maintain the colors and vibrance of the bag. 

How do I prepare my bag for cleaning?

The first thing you need to do is to check on the tag inside the bag and see what instructions it has. Know the in’s and outs of your bag. This tag will also have the type of material the inside of the bag is made of and how to wash and dry it to avoid stains. It will also have instructions on whether or not the bag can be machine washed and also at what settings. Then empty every pocket and compartment. 

Vera Bradley bags are synonymous with bag designs that come with very useful compartments. This makes for various nooks and crannies in the bag, that can potentially store debris of whatever has been in your bag. Open all the compartments and make sure to remove everything then tip the bag upside down so that you can get all the loose bits out. If the bag has a cardboard base at the bottom, make sure to remove it first. Once you’re sure that it is empty you can now check the label and see if it needs spot cleaning or if it is the entire bag that has to be washed. 

How do I spot clean my Vera Bradley bag?

If your bag only needs spot cleaning, then you can use a damp white cloth, dipped in warm water and a laundry stain remover. Use this to wipe just the stained spot, and then allow it to air dry. If you can get a pen stain remover, this will go a long way in dealing with small stains. Make sure to go through the bag and see that there are no stains inside or outside the bag. There are video tutorials that can help you with a visual guide on how to do effective spot cleaning. 

Can I wash my Vera Bradley bag in the washing machine?

The next thing that you will need to do, is to check on the label and make sure that it allows you to machine wash the bag. Not all bags are machine washable and that is why is important to check. If it gives you the go-ahead, then set the washing machine on a gentle cycle. Make sure to wash cold. This means that you need to use cold water to wash the bag. Put your bag in the washing machine and washi it on a gentle cycle in cold water. Use detergent that is made for cotton fabric and not for delicates. This is because the inside of your bag is made of cotton. 

How do I dry my Vera Bradley bag?

When you are done washing the bag, get it back into its original shape and hang on a line, indoors, allowing it to air dry. Do not wring it or throw it into the drier, you will not be able to iron out any creases, so you need to keep the fabric intact. Also never hang it out in direct sunlight. When it is entirely dry, put back the cardboard base at the bottom of the bag. You can hang it on a line over the bath or over a washbasin so that it drips at its own pace and the water is collected. 

Can I use vinegar to wash my Vera Bradley bag?

When washing your cotton Vera Bradley, one of your main concerns is to make sure that you do not wash out the patterns and designs on the bag. You can preserve this vibrance by being careful with the detergent that you use. Make sure you use mild detergent for cotton fabrics. However, you can also use vinegar! It is a great alternative and it helps maintain the vibrance of your colors. Washing your bag at home can be super easy and effective. You can do it when you are doing your laundry. When you use vinegar, do not add any other detergent to the mix. 

How do I prevent stains on my Vera Bradley bag?

Stains are a result of life. They show that we are living and going through life. But you do not want your bag to show this. You can avoid unnecessary stains by spraying on scotch guard. If you do this when you first buy the bag, spray it so that you can avoid staining it from the get-go. This will help you protect the bag and in turn, avoid you washing the bag often. 

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