Biosil vs Biotin

Biosil vs Biotin, which one will it be? Of late hair loss has become very common amongst both men and women and many products have been introduced into the market to help rid this situation.

Biosil and biotin have become quite common and popular amongst people suffering from hair loss but the question remains which amongst the two is the better option. However, that doesn’t mean those are their only uses. 

Both biosil and biotin are being used on a regular to hair cure loss as well as to promote healthier hair amongst other things. Statistics show that there are over 80 million people in america suffering from hair loss and the condition has been seen affecting men just as much as it is affecting women. So if you are among the people suffering from hair loss today we will be comparing Biosil and Biotin. 


Biosil is a dietary supplement that contains Silicon and Choline as it’s main ingredients. It has become popular in those trying to rejuvenate their bodies health and beauty. It is used for skin rejuvenation, hair growth, nail growth and strength. It has multiple uses as it is clinically proven to increase collagen formation in the body which results in an increase in skin elasticity and the above stated. 


Biosil can be found in either capsules or in liquid form hence there are different ways in which it can be taken. Unlike other products that actually contain collagen, BioSil is more effective in that it triggers the formation of collagen in one’s body. That is to say, you are not ingesting collagen directing, but you are ingesting something that will help your body form its own collagen. 


Biotin is known to be one of the B complex vitamins that aid the body in converting food to energy. Most people get enough Biotin just by eating regular meals on a daily basis. However, recent studies have shown that getting more Biotin in one’s body will help regulate sugar, promote healthy hair and help pregnant women deliver healthier babies. 

Biotin 3d model

Biotin has been known to also be helpful in the treatment of diabetes as it aids in the regulation of sugar in the body. Many people who take Biotin supplements are known to have healthier hair and better nails. Which is why most people use it. It doesn’t do much for the skin but slight changes can be seen. Those who lack Biotin in their systems may experience nausea, confusion, muscle pain and hair loss. 

Favourite Features

Both Biosil and Biotin are used as supplementary aids to humans. They are taken in for specific reasons with hopes of seeing some changes to the body. 


Is a supplement containing silicon and choline. It helps the body generate more collagen which will result in stronger and healthier hair especially for those who have been suffering from loss of hair and weak hair. This makes it a supplement and not a drug which means that taking it is a voluntary action. Meaning that even if Biosil is not present in your body, you can still live. 


Biotin works more in helping the body change ingested food to energy. It’s already in the body and so taking in more will just divert it towards other things hence making your skin glow and hair stronger and making nails become stronger. This will help the body work on other things hence resulting in a better healthy body with better and healthier features on one’s bodies. 

Nature of Compound

Well, looking at Biosil it, it can either be taken as pills or as droplets due to the fact that it cannot be found in food. It is a combination of certain minerals and nutrients that are taken in order to facilitate in the manufacturing of collagen in the body. This then works to build on other things in the body.

Biotin on the other end is water soluble and we can’t store it in our bodies. It already exists in the body and is used as a coenzyme which helps our bodies maintain healthy hair and skin. Too much biotin can be passed out of the body in urine hence no matter how much is taken in. The body can regulate the biotin to other functions and expel the excess.  

Source of compound

Biosil is a supplement that is manufactured from Silicon and Choline. Alone it can not be found in any food or in any beverages. As the two actually have to be combined to form the Biosil supplement. 

On the other end Biotin can be termed as a natural compound that we find in our food. That way even if we don’t take any supplements, we can still find it and get it from regular food. 

Effects of Compound

Biosil once taken in facilitates the production of collagen in our bodies. The collagen then works in providing for healthier hair, skin and nails. It will improve the elasticity of skin, hair will grow at a healthier and stronger level. Once one starts taking in Biosil their body will produce more collagen which will then work to rejuvenate one’s body. 

Biotin on the other hand does not change anything. Instead it works to maintain what is already there. Taking in extra biotin won’t produce anything extra. Instead it will just help maintain one’s features to their regular and normal state. That is to say if one’s hair is naturally thin it will remain naturally thin. Nothing has changed from the normal state. 

What could be better


Considering that biotin does not do much change except maintain everything back to its natural order. If you want to see better changes and greater results it would be a great idea to make use of Biosil supplements as they help in rejuvenation rather than just maintenance. 


Looking at biosil you’ll find that it is a supplement and not a natural compound. Some people who are health-conscious may try to avoid taking in supplements then maybe Biotin may be a better option. 

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