Why is hunting bad for the environment

Why is hunting bad for the environment? There have been so many debates worldwide that question the benefits of hunting. Most have come out supporting hunting as it is a sport for so many humans that provides them with meat.

Nowadays with veld fires and global warming, it seems as though it’s time to really start taking care of the environment and try by all means to keep the balance of the ecosystem stable. 

girl with a hunting rifle and dog

When posed with the question why hunting is bad for the environment, many people talk about how killing animals is wrong. Today we will look at the deeper reasons as to why hunting is bad for the environment. Besides the basic endangering species and destroying the natural balance, there is so much more that we ignore when answering this question. 

Effects of Hunting

Hunting has its own benefits, in the case that the animals have exceeded the carrying capacity of the land. However, when things go downside and we start hunting down species that are already in dwindling numbers we are causing more harm than we think. The following are reasons as to why hunting is bad for the environment;

Environmental Imbalance

When animals are hunted down a certain imbalance is created in the natural spectrum. For example if predators are hunted down and only a small number of them are left, that means their prey in most cases which are herbivores become a lot. These herbivores will reproduce and exceed the carrying capacity on the land in which they breed. 

This means that most of them will starve because there won‘t be enough food. It is said that nature has a very delicate balance and human hunting has an impact on that natural balance. Those who claim that they use hunting for animal control, clearly don’t understand that animals have their own form of population control in which the weakest and most fragile are taken out by predators. 

Pain and Suffering

It is no secret that so many animals when hunting have to endure so much pain and suffering. Both emotional and physical pain. Shooting an arrow through a deer’s shoulder will result in it bleeding and experiencing a lot of pain until it finally dies. Shooting and aiming at an animal’s heart and missing means that animal has to feel a tremendous amount of pain before finally giving in to death. 

Emotionally, animals bond and create clans and groups in which they move together. When hunting, one may kill a mother or a baby that belongs to that certain clan. For an animal losing a parent leaves it very vulnerable to the outside world hence the chances of it surviving alone are very slim.

That being said it is important to consider that animals have feelings too and watching one of their own being hunted down and killed is as painful to them as it would have been to us had shoes changed.

Fatal accidents

Many methods are used in hunting as some people burn up forests so as to drive animals out and these fires can spread fast destroying the homes of these animals.

Other people may not be as experienced in hunting which may lead to them wither hurting themselves with their instruments. In some cases hunters have died because of their own traps, others have hurt themselves with their own weapons.

hunter with his dog

Apart from self inflicted accidents, some methods used in hunting may result in humans dying due to attacking stronger animals. Bear hunting which is common can result in major death seeing as bears are quite strong, harming one could trigger it’s aggressive sides which may as well lead to hunters being hunted down by their own prey. Some accidents occur from carelessness of the hunters which may lead to their own lives being lost. 

Is a sporting activity 

Hunting is a tradition passed down from one generation to the other. People always aim for the rarest kind of animal to hunt down as a trophy in their society. In no way does this benefit the environment. 

In some societies, they have generations of great hunters that have been known to have captured some rare animal species. That becomes a motivation for continued hunting either as a competition or culture. 

Unlike back in the day, hunting was a survival tactic and they knew not to overdo it because then animals would migrate to safer lands. Yet they needed the meat so it was once in a while. Lately, hunting has become so fierce a sport that people rarely hunt for the meat but for the fun of it hence killing innocent animals only for fun. 

Leads to Extinction 

Many animals are becoming part of the list of endangered species and hunting is playing a main role at it. As it turns out, trophy hunting targets certain and specific animals leading to that species being endangered.

animal antlers

For example male antelopes that are easily tracked because of their secondary sexual traits are hunted down and their numbers start to dwindle past the endangered stage until they are extinct. 

Usually hunters rarely look at the legal terms of hunting. Unless they are sued, certain regulations don’t really matter to them. This is why so many animals are kept in zoos and some are protected strongly by wildlife conservatives. This is the only way they think may work in protecting the endangered species from being extinct. 

Final Thoughts

Campaigns have been made, regulations have been put against hunting to help reduce the effects that it has on the environment but hunting has not yet stopped. With such, animals continue to be hunted down for sport, their fur used for coats and their horns used for jewellery. 

In some places, poaching has also become a form of hunting that has resulted in a lot of animals being endangered. In conclusion, though hunting may seem like a good way of preserving the earth’s carrying capacity when overdone humans tend to lose sight of the bad effects that it has on the environment. 

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