February 23, 2019
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environment news green planetThe environment section is the place where we provide News-Feeds and Articles about the major environmental issues on our planet. We have an eye on global efforts to keep our environment clean. How renewable energy can support clean resources and create seminal jobs. Here we write about the social impact of a clean globe. Finally, we track some of the best sustainability projects. Read about it below.

Good News but more needs to be done for our Planet

‘Good News’ but more needs to be done for our Planet

The UN is reporting “Good News” for our environment but much more needs to be done. New technologies and renewable energies make it possible. In fact, a lot has happened in the last few years. It’s time to talk about progress and continue to invest in sustainability.

Protecting our Planet's Forests

Protecting Our Planet’s Forests

Protecting our Planet’s Forests. Senior government officials focus on global efforts in the forestry sector to reach the Paris Agreement on climate change.