January 21, 2019
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europe newsNews from Europe. The region with the largest economy on Earth and the richest region of the world. Representing one-third of the world’s wealth, this region supposes to be the leader in social justice and sustainable growth. As the European Union is also the home ofthe Court of Human Rights, we provide many articles from the European Union as well. Read more below.

refugee at work

The Right To Asylum: Give Refugees The Right To Work

Give Refugees the right to work. People seeking asylum are effectively prohibited from working in many countries. As a result, many are left to live in poverty, struggling to support themselves and their families, whilst the Government wastes the talents and economic power of thousands of people. Let’s change that!

Italy. Hundreds rescued crossing the sea. Source- UNHCR:Marco Rotunno

Over 1500 Refugees Died Crossing the Mediterranean Sea

More than 1,500 refugees and migrants have lost their lives attempting to cross the Mediterranean in the first seven months of 2018. 850 in June and July. It’s a crime to close borders for refugees. Providing assistance to people in need is a must.