Tampons with IUD

Are you thinking about switching your birth control to an IUD, but not sure if you can still use a tampon with an intrauterine device, known as an IUD? The answer is yes you can.

This is a common question because an IUD is placed inside your vagina, in the same way, that a tampon is. You want to make sure that you are not tampering with it, and that both can still be effective. In this article, we take a look at how you can use a tampon with an IUD and what it means.  

Whilst both a tampon and an IUD is inserted in your lady parts, they are placed in different parts. It’s like having a compartmentalized lunchbox. You are still carrying all your lunch but the food doesn’t have to touch each other. In the same manner, the IUD and tampon can coexist without disrupting each other’s functions.

Why use an IUD?

Contraceptives and birth control measures have continued to evolve over the years. Each woman has a preferred method, and the factors that influence the chosen method vary greatly. For some, it’s a long term plan and so they prefer to get methods that are effective for several years.

Whilst other methods are short term. They all have their advantages and disadvantages. Also, women’s body chemistry differs and so they reach differently to various methods.

An IUD is a device that is used as a birth control method. It stops the sperm from reaching and fertilizing the eggs.  There are different types of IUDs available across the world and they are made by different manufacturers. This device is shaped like a “T” and is inserted in your uterus.

IUD’s are generally one of the most effective contraceptives. They are said to be 99% effective. They are more effective and they are very easy to use. This is one of the reasons why they are so popular with a lot of women.

Can I insert an IUD myself?

It has to be inserted by a doctor. If you begin to feel the string anywhere near your tampon string, then you will need to go back to the doctor so that it is fixed. The initial insertion does not go unnoticed in terms of pain. But this will only last a few seconds, and you will have the contraceptive for a number of years, depending on the manufacturing company.

How do tampons work?

When your monthlies roll around, there are different means that women use to get through the days. Tampons are one of those ways. The way that you choose is a personal choice depending on how comfortable it is for you.

The fact that you are reading this article means that you have already decided to use tampons. When a tampon is inserted in your lady parts, it does not reach the uterus, which is where the IUD is inserted. This is why there is no mix up in the strings from the tampon or the IUD.

How do I make sure that I keep the IUD in when I pull the tampon out?

The IUD has strings, but they are closer to your cervix and they do not hang out. Unlike the tampon string that hangs outside of your vagina. Most women worry that pulling the tampon out may displace the IUD, but it doesn’t, and this is because the strings aren’t even in the same space. 

To pull out the tampon, you will not need to be digging in, to an extent where you come in contact with the IUD string. The tampon is inserted in your vagina and the IUD is inserted in your uterus. There can be no confusion there.

Is it possible to pull your IUD out?

This is something that can happen. However, it is not a common occurrence. It will take you looking for the IUD string within your vagina, and tugging on it, for it to come out. Long story short, it is not an easy feat. Meaning that it is not a matter of sneezing it out. It is carefully inserted in the uterus by a medical doctor.

What do I do if I think I have pulled out the IUD?

Paranoia can tend to set in when your monthlies come around and you have to be inserting and removing whatever sanitary wear method you prefer. The best time to check on the state of the IUD is every month after your period. Just to make sure that everything is still in place and that it has not moved.

Usually, if the IUD has moved but part of it is still in the uterus, it is still effective. If the paranoia seems to take over your life, then simply go to a doctor or healthcare professional, to cut the strings on the IUD very short.

This will decrease the chances of pulling it out along with the tampon. The problem with the strings being too short is that it makes it harder to remove the IUD when the time comes.

If you think that you have successfully pulled out the entire IUD, then you need to call your doctor. Do not try to reinsert it yourself.

One last thing

Asking about your vaginal health is important. There’s nothing shameful about it. Love your lady bits, and they will love you back. There is no reason why your method of sanitary wear should influence your birth control. Just think about it this way. The fact that an IUD and a tampon are inserted in the same vaginal hole, does not mean that they have the same destination. 

As such, they do not interfere with each other. Find out what precautions the manufacturer of both the tampon and the IUD say you need to take to stay safe and comfortable. The risk of displacing your IUD when you use a tampon is very low. You can use both an IUD nad a tampon simultaneously and not worry about rendering one useless.

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