Disadvantages of monoculture

Agriculture is the backbone of many economies around the world. It is sustained using various farming methods, and amongst them, is monoculture. However, it is not without its downfalls. The disadvantages of monoculture vary and they include destroying the soil’s nutrients, it sometimes needs a lot of water for irrigation purposes, it may result in the use of dangerous chemicals, […]

Chlorophyll vs Chlorella

Chlorophyll and chlorella, are often confused for being the same thing. However, they are different. The green pigment often contributes to the confusion. They are both used to treat different conditions. When it comes to medical advice, get it from a medical professional, and avoid the word on the street. In this article, we will take a look at the […]

Biosil vs Biotin

Biosil vs Biotin, which one will it be? Of late hair loss has become very common amongst both men and women and many products have been introduced into the market to help rid this situation. Biosil and biotin have become quite common and popular amongst people suffering from hair loss but the question remains which amongst the two is the […]

Streptococcus Thermophilus Benefits

Streptococcus Thermophilus has been known to be a powerful probiotic that comes with amazing health benefits. It is often found in the colon and has many digestive, immunity and many other health benefits. It’s simply a bacteria that is commonly used to make yogurts and in culturing cheese as well. It also uses lactase which helps to digest milk more […]

Why is hunting bad for the environment

Why is hunting bad for the environment? There have been so many debates worldwide that question the benefits of hunting. Most have come out supporting hunting as it is a sport for so many humans that provides them with meat. Nowadays with veld fires and global warming, it seems as though it’s time to really start taking care of the […]

Most Vegan friendly cities in the US

Lately, it has been no secret that Vegan diets and dishes are becoming quite popular worldwide. What are the most vegan friendly cities in the US? You will find that most cities in the US have become so dedicated to Vegan recipes that they have earned the title ‘most vegan friendly’.  It turns out most people worldwide have turned to […]

Can lotion be used as lube?

Can lotion be used as a lube? The hard and fast answer is no. But there is always a maybe, that lurks in the corner. This is probably something that you would ask yourself when you’re in the thick of it all, and you’ve run out of regular lube. It can be quite a downer when you realize that you’ve […]

Parchment Paper vs Butcher Paper

Are you weighing the odds between parchment paper vs butcher paper? Both types of paper are commonly used for wrapping food. You have probably come across it or bought food wrapped in either one. Whilst they are both similar, they are also different. There is a reason why one person will choose one type of paper over another, and also […]