What is seltzer water good for

When it comes to the human anatomy it is common knowledge that hydration will improve overall health. For health conscious people regular water intake is a must as hydration is known to keep the body in good shape and continuously helps in flushing out toxins. However, consistently taking in water seems hard for most people because of the way the water tastes.

Despite the taste, for a human body to function properly, hydration is a must. Water is bland and hence the normal crave for a carbonated liquid. In such cases, seltzer water becomes an alternative. Seltzer water can easily be substituted into one’s daily hydrating routine, below we will be looking at some of the benefits of Seltzer Water. 

Benefits of Seltzer Water

As cravings for carbonated beverages increase, aversion to normal water increases as well. Below are some of the benefits of Seltzer Water. 

Alternative to Soda

Soda contains carbonic acid which is what creates the bubbles and the taste in sodas and that acidity can slowly destroy tooth enamel. Although seltzer water has this carbonic acid as well, it’s important to remember this happens over a long consistent period of time. 

Seltzer water is a great-non-sugary alternative to soda. It is calorie and sodium free, yet still has the bubbles. So one can consume Seltzer water as an alternative to sodas which will help in reducing tooth decay and will keep the body hydrated. 

Helps with drowsiness and lightheadedness

As we sleep our bodies tend to work harder in digesting food and repairing tissue in our bodies. This may lead to drowsiness in the morning. If one is dehydrated on a regular they may experience different forms of sickness every morning or during the day as well.

At extreme levels this may lead to one collapsing or feeling light headed after a heavy activity such as walking or jogging. For people who regularly take in alcohol, seltzer water may help reduce the after effects of alcohol intake such as hangovers and headaches. Alcohol dehydrates the body, intake of Seltzer water either before, during or after alcohol intake may eliminate this problem. 

Can cure an Upset Stomach

In 2002, the European Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology published a study stating, “indigestion causes a number of symptoms in the upper abdominal area including bloating, nausea, vomiting and so on. 

Seltzer water is also seen as a natural remedy to reduce acidity and other issues commonly associated with the digestive tract. 

This is especially applicable to those who have gallstone formations. Drinking seltzer water can help reduce all of these symptoms. Likewise, just as water flushes out all toxins that may lead to basic illnesses, seltzer water Is capable of doing the same as well. 

Can aid in weight loss

Seltzer water can help you lose weight in more than one way. Substituting sugary drinks will immediately reduce your calorie intake. In addition, the bubbles will make you feel full a lot faster which will help one cut back on the amount of food they will be indulging in. 

Relieves Constipation

Traditionally, when dealing with constipation, eating high fiber foods helps relieve symptoms. However, if you drink seltzer water in addition to this fiber, the carbonated water assists the fiber to work to its full potential in your digestive system which allows the stool to become regular again.


This goes without saying, water is the safest and most hydrating beverage you can drink. Even in comparison to seltzer water, and especially to soda and/or other sugary drinks. However, Seltzer water has definitely proven to be of great assistance as an alternative to water.

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