Can lotion be used as lube?

Can lotion be used as a lube? The hard and fast answer is no. But there is always a maybe, that lurks in the corner. This is probably something that you would ask yourself when you’re in the thick of it all, and you’ve run out of regular lube. It can be quite a downer when you realize that you’ve run out and you have no way of getting to a pharmacy or store to get lube.

Lube is necessary when you are dry down there and this can be very unpleasant and defeat the purpose of fun during intimacy. A dry vagina is irritating and can be painful.

But the right lube will help you get through such situations faster and with much ease. But because you are using this substance in your sensitive private areas, it is important to be very careful and avoid allergic reactions and other health-related issues. 

The approved lubes that are made by registered companies, have particular ingredients that lubricate you and make sex more enjoyable, even if you are naturally dry. There are also a number of natural lubes that can be used, but do your due diligence to check and see if you are not allergic an if it is safe to use. Remember that not all substances can be used in your private areas. 

Lotions are made of different ingredients. Some of those can have irritants such as perfumes.  Their primary use is to moisturize your body or your hands, not your vagina. Vaginal dryness can be eased by using a substance that is made especially for your vagina and will be safe for both you and your partner.

It should have specific ingredients that will not interfere with your pH balance or cause your vaginal skin which is super soft, to swell or itch or react. Also, some ingredients in body and hand lotions, break down condoms, so you need to be careful what you reach out for. 

Just because it’s wet doesn’t mean it will make a great lube. Saliva, for example, isn’t great because it can facilitate the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. This can introduce infections in your vagina. The other problem with regular everyday lotions being used as lube is that some of them can cause parabens, which also upsets hormonal balance in your body.

 It is not a good idea to grab any lotion off your dresser to use. Rather look for other lube alternatives, such as coconut oil, pure aloe vera, vitamin E oil, or olive oil amongst others. Before you use anything that will come in contact with your vagina, make sure that you know what is in the lubricant and that you will not react to the ingredients. 

You do not have to put up with vaginal dryness in silence. Use the right lube, approved by doctors and health experts and you will be fine. Lotion should not be a part of your arsenal. You would rather stock up on natural alternatives if you don’t like the store-bought versions. 

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